The falling star: Short story

They say that falling stars appear to people when they feel like all hope is lost. When you see a star falling, you close your eyes and make a wish. But those aren’t stars as people tell you. They’re angels.

The very first shooting star was named “Ithiel”. Ithiel would watch over the world every day and all through the night, he admired the humans and their perseverance through hardships. They interested him, how innovative and sometimes fickle they were. He often would think about what it would be like. To live on the earth, enjoying creation.

One day he saw a woman on her knees in despair, praying for a miracle. She had lost her brother and her husband to the current war, and she prayed that her son’s life wouldn’t also be taken by the war. Ithiel had compassion for her and asked God,” Please send me to earth, so I may save that woman’s son.”

God answered,” To save this woman’s son you must fall to earth. Once you are on earth, you will feel the pains and the struggles of humanity. Do you still wish to embark on such a task?”

Ithiel responded,” Yes.” God gave his blessing, and as a sign to the woman Ithiel was sent as a light piercing through the dark velvet sky over her as she prayed. As he fell, Ithiel heard her prayer once more,” please end the war, and save my son.” The woman saw his light in the sky and hope filled her heart.

Life on earth was not easy for the Angel; he dealt with pain, hunger and fear. The war lasted 2 long years. Kingdom against kingdom, and when there is war there is loss greater than any victory. But in the end Ithiel was able to protect the poor woman’s son, and save many others during the battle. After the war ended, and the son was able to returned home to his mother.

Soon it was Ithiel’s time to return to the sky. During his return journey he saw the young man and his mother eating their dinner. And he smiled.

If you see a falling star, have hope. Close your eyes and wish once more. Your angel is coming.



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