Weeping Willow: Short story

Have you ever heard the story of the Weeping Willow? Hers is a sad story I’m afraid.

Her name was Alis, she was a young widow with her son and a young baby daughter.

One day bandits attacked her village and everyone was slaughtered. But she was able to escape with her son and baby.

But the bandits saw them flee and caught up with them, her son was shot down with an arrow. Alis kept on running and was able to hide. She managed surviving in the forest alone with her baby daughter for a few more days. But sadly her daughter died in the night from the cold and hunger.

Distraught and heartbroken Alis made her way back towards the remains of what was once their home and found the body of her son. She buried both bodies and wept over their grave until she died from hunger. Where she laid, people said that fae living in the forest cultivated a large tree as a grave for the poor family and cared for the tree. Salix they called her “The Willow“. She leans over the grave and cradles her lost children under her hanging leaves. And whenever it rains the drops would pour down her leaves like tears as she cried for her lost children.


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