I love languages.

For over 6-7 years I have been studying Japanese, for over the course of maybe 3 years I have been self-teaching myself Korean. I attempt Chinese every now and then (and fail every single time). For 1-2 years I studied Spanish with my brother and sister. And over the course of this book I looked up many, many Latin words and even some Greek words when I was able.

Languages are so interesting, they’re not just a way a culture communicates but within that language is the culture itself! To fully learn a language you have to learn about that culture. For example, things you say in English can’t be translated to Japanese.

Speaking Japanese is hard, there’s the different levels of politeness -you have to take into account age and status/rank, but you have to know HOW to say things. For example, when you are asking someone a favor you can’t just say, “Excuse me, can you do something for me?”. You have to say, “Hello, Do you have a minute. I’m sorry but there is a favor I have to ask of you. You see, I have to do___ for ____. And If it is alright with you. Could you please do ___. I’m sorry to trouble you. Thank you so much.”

I couldn’t just make up words of my own. I had to make a culture to go with the words and based off of that culture I made the language. There are words I omitted on purpose and some words have different sounds than others. For example the word “Go.” is Ská, the people-group I created (Paeriamos) are people that are usually on the run and this is a word that if they had to say it, they had to say it fast. Another example is the word “Friend” compared to the word for “Enemy”. “Friend” should sound more smooth and flow easier something that flows from the tongue gently Lelinith, whereas “Enemy” should sound harsher more rough and when said sounds like someone is spitting the word out disgusted Ishdâch. I know that those words sound like they should due to the meaning, but for me the culture I created value their allies or friends greatly due to the scarcity of such people and due to them having such large amounts of enemies the word for enemy in Praetenyan was supposed to sound extremely disgusted and angry.

To learn a language you must learn the culture you can’t have one without the other. Hopefully the language I create will be able to convey such things.

Happy learning,



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