Like you’re running out of time

I started actually writing The Forgotten during the summer on June 10. It’s been about 95 days since then and I have written over 30,000 words. When my friends see me writing between classes or before a shift at work they ask how long I have been writing, and when I tell them they ask me, “How have you written so much?” I usually just laugh but in my head I think ‘I’m not even close to done.’ Can you believe this book was actually just supposed to be a short story? There was so much I wanted to make, a story for each character, a kingdom and home for each character, and I wanted a name for each village and every forest and every lake within Elaeries. There is so much I want to write and so much to edit and perfect, but sometimes I just feel so busy that all I can do is jot down a single idea or even just a name.

When I have the chance to actually sit down properly with a cup of tea or coffee on my right and a snack or three on my left I plug in my earphone and turn on my ‘Hamilton’ playlist on Spotify because if you want the motivation to write you try and keep up with A.Ham himself.

Keep writing and don’t stop, but if you feel like your fingers are about to fall off then please do take a break have a sip of your tea or latte. If your fingers fall off then you won’t be able to write, you’ll need a microphone to record all your ideas and story for you, and that isn’t always accurate. (unnecessary panic)

But even if you get writer’s block, that’s fine. Just take a deep breath, take a break, sometimes you just need to relax give your beautiful brain a rest.

Happy reading, happy writing.




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