So what is a fantasy story without a language you never heard of before?

Even since I was a little girl I made up words and sentences as translated them how I liked, so this was a very long-time coming!

Aetyenyan (Aye-ten-YAN //Good Lord please forgive me I’m terrible at phonetically spelling things out…) is a word I made up that derived from the Latin word for gifted “Praeditos” and Chinese word for language “Yuyan”. And my own interpretation of the word into English is “Language of the Lost

What is Aeytenyan? It is the language of the people group -the Ariem (Ah-ree-ehm) people: “the Lost.” in my stories for Elaeries.

I mainly decided to write the language for them because they were a people who were being hunted down and sentenced to death, and whenever I speak another language it’s usually so no one else can understand so that what I’m saying is a secret.

If these people were in hiding and sending messages to each other I would like to think they want it to be a secret to everyone else.

Thus, the birth of Praetenyan.



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