The Forgotten

‘They fight for their right to live.’

I always did love reading stories of best friends: David and Jonathan, Merlin and Arthur, Frodo and Sam; I loved those stories filled with queens and kings, princesses and princes, knights and thieves. I loved to look up Camelot and Middle Earth, so I created my own stories. This book ‘The Forgotten’ is Book 1 of about 2-3 books I have planned each for a different generation of people living in this world I created.

No, I’m not some sort of J.R.R Tolkien or C.S Lewis -I just have a strange imagination and needed some place to write it down, ‘The Forgotten’ is a story that appeared one day in my mind and I immediately picked up a pen and started to write the first chapter, and the next day I wrote another and another chapter.

It’s definitely not perfect, not by any means. I may change character names, the order of events, words, or even entire chapters. But someone has to start somewhere, and I chose here.





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